Welcome to your healing journey!

I help career-driven men & women to STOP feeling nothing & START being present, loving life & FEELING it's essence once again.

My name is Josh

My mission is to help free the world from mental slavery. When we grow up believing the only thing we are is our mind (identity), we start living a LIE.

We are the observer of our mind & our thoughts. We are not the thoughts themselves. Pay attention to the voice in your head - is that really YOU that's talking? Why do you listen to it?

My mission is to wake people up to stop taking direction from their mind-identified sense of self by becoming aware of the observer beyond the mind. THIS is true freedom. True peace. True love.


Want to take all those inner demons...

All that rage, anxiety & depression...

And turn it into a deep unconditional love?

If that resonates - you'll be very excited to see what's on the other side after clicking that button below.

Are you ready to...

Face the deepest parts of your shadow-self?

While most think success in life is a game of strategy & tactics - although partially true, we've found it's only about 15% of what goes into the success equation. There's one thing stopping you from having the vision you want for your health, wealth & relationships. The other 85% - your shadow-self.

Completely re-invent yourself at the identity level?

After seeing hundreds of people experience life-changing transformation inside our containers, we've found this to be the most powerful tool in creating these results. It all starts & ends with the identity.

Go after your dream life with a soul that is lit ON FIRE?

If you're reading this thinking, "I have my dream life" - I hear you, but do you feel it in your soul? Do you have that little-kid feeling every single day you wake up to be living the life you are? If not, let's get to work because - coaching hat on, you don't have your dream life and it CAN be that good!


Not in the physical sense of course, lol! But to the person you think you are. Are you ready to completely let go of anything, psychologically speaking, that doesn't align with the person you aspire to be?

My blog

I'll let you in on some trade secrets and share my top tips on how to successfully promote your brand online.

”We went from having zero online presence to dominating our niche on Google. As a technophobe I never thought we could do it, but currently social media amounts for the majority of our sales.”

Nicollas Ductorn
Director of Corporate MarketingForge Inc.